STONE TIPS | Venus Stone
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Stone Tips


When purchasing a natural stone such as Travertine, Marble or Limestone it is important to note that these are natural products therefore variation in colour and veining must be expected. This should always be taken into consideration when selecting your stone and will eliminate any surprises down the track.


Sealing your natural stone is an absolute must in order to preserve its appearance. With very few exceptions, every porous mineral building material, including stone, tile, masonry, concrete and grout, will benefit from being well sealed. For best results we recommend using a product we have instore called Stain-proof which is suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications in residential and commercial buildings, including: building facades, floors, walls, countertops, showers, swimming pool surrounds, patios, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas. Click on the link for more related information and products

Always test a patch first before using on the whole area. Before sealing, it is important to ensure that the surfaces that are being treated are dry, clean and free of residues.


Keeping your stone’s appearance looking beautiful for as long as possible will depend on maintenance. Ensuring that spills are cleaned up immediately and routine cleaning and scrubbing is taking place will help maintain your stone’s appearance for longer.

Travertine can be washed with fiber brushes, mild soap or detergent, and water. In extreme cases, Travertine can be cleaned with a light spray of a pressure washer, in which case the Travertine may need to be resealed.

For wine spills or tough stains that need extra work, consider a Poultice Powder.

There are also several cleaners on the market that are aimed specifically at Travertine:

DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector:

Always test a patch first before using on the whole area.